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Dante’s Inferno First Look

February 10, 2010

By Matt Calamia

As promised, here is a first look of Dante’s Inferno. It’s the opening 10 minutes of the game, basically explaining the general story. You also see Matt get his rear-end handed to him by the game’s first boss.

Although it was only the first 10 minutes, the game is very much a God of War clone. It has the same save system, same health regeneration, upgrade system, and quick-time events. I really think this is nothing more than something to hold you over until late-March when God of War 3 comes out. But, I will keep playing the game for a full review, and maybe my opinion will change.

I just found out that this was the part offered in the demo. It’s not the demo, I promise. I do wish I knew that before hand, though, as I would have given a different part.

Update: About an hour into it, and the more I play it the more I like it. Although it is a lot like God of War, it does some things GOW doesn’t do. It has a holy/unholy system, which basically allows you to punish or save your enemies. If you choose to punish them, you gain perks for your unholy side. If you save them, you guessed it, you gain perks for the holy side. It adds a pretty cool dynamic that you won’t find in other hack-and-slash titles.

The other cool thing is that you get the ability at times to control this large beast-like creature after you kill the enemy controlling it. It adds a little dynamic to the gameplay, which as we know in all button-mashers, can get a little stale.

The environment is also awesome. If you ever wanted to know what hell would look like, check out Dante’s Inferno. It makes me want to be a better person so I never have to see any of that with my own eyes.

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  1. February 10, 2010 4:34 am

    Nice first impressions. Looks like basically the demo that was previously released. I think I’m going to pick this up on Friday when I get Bioshock. I’m a sucker for hack n slash games and the story seems pretty interesting. Keep up the awesome work on the site

    • Matt Calamia permalink
      February 10, 2010 4:41 am

      Thanks steph. Yeah, I had no idea what the demo was until about an hour ago haha. i’m about an hour into it now, and it’s actually a lot of fun. i’m not going to purchase is (i have the blockbuster gamepass), but it is a lot of fun.

      thanks for the support on the blog. we’re trying to get more viewers haha

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