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The Tester Recap- Episode 5

March 29, 2010

Hey guys, sorry for being so late with this recap. It is just really hard to bring myself to watch this pile of crap.

We get a recap of of last week’s show, with Doc crying over Luge’s elimination. He’s sobbing like a bitch while sitting in her bed. It’s supposed to be sad, but it’s just comical, like this entire show.

Amped, Doc and Cyrus are pitted against Nauscious, Star and the other fat dude with a neck beard. They have to pick team names, and they’re both just retarded. It’s Trio Team Bravo v. Fates of Destiny. I’m just getting chills.

This week’s challenge actually involves video games. The teams will compete in PlayStation trivia, playing the game Buzz. It is already more interesting than the last four weeks combined. There are three categories, and each player gets their own category to compete in. There is a general history, sports/racing, and

Doc v. Big D, the fat guy with the neck beard, is first up in the general history category. I’m on the edge of my seat. First question asks what is the triangle button on the PS3’s controller. Doc immediately answers ‘pink,’ and is immediately incorrect. Big D steals it with ‘green.’ Second question is when was the PS1 released? Big D answers 1997. Really? Doc follows that one up with 1993, for another incorrect answer. For those of you scoring at home, the correct answer was 1995. The next question is who is the father of PlayStation, and before hearing the answer, I will say I have no idea. Shockingly, neither did the contestants. The answer was Ken Kutaragi. Oh, duh. After that, we’re asked what the blue light on the PS3 signify, and Doc finally scores one by answering that a Blu-Ray has been inserted. Fourth time is a charm. What does UMD (Universal Media Disc) stand for is up next, and Doc gets it right again. Doc gets another by answering how many gigs the PS3 stand for. Big D shoots back by answering what XMB stands for (Cross Media Bar). At the end of the round, Trio Team Bravo is in the lead 3-2. Man, what competition.

Sports and racing is up next, with Nauscious from FoD against Amped from TTB. First question is what car does Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal drive? Nauscious answers correctly with ice cream truck. Next is what is the name of the upcoming kart racing game set to launch this year? Nausciou scores again with Mod Racing Nation. Nauscious is sweeping the board after answering that L.A. is the most recent Midnight Club setting. Man, Amped didn’t bring her A game this week. Amped just continues to suck after Nauscious again answers correctly on who were the cover athletes of Fight Night Round 4 (Tyson and Ali). FINALLY, Amped answers Bret Favre as the cover athlete of Madden 09. I thought maybe her buzzer was broken or something. Round ends with FoD up 6-4.

Final category is Action & Adventure, wtih Star from FoD against Cyrus from TTB. All Star needs to do to clinch the game is answer two questions correctly. First questions is what is Nathan Drake’s destination in U2? Cyrus answers correctly with Shambala. Without hearing the end of the question, he answers Helghast correctly for his second point. The question, by the way, was who are the “bad guys” fighting the ISA in KZ2. Next is what is the city in InFamous? Yeah, Cyrus got it again. This guy is a nerd. Amped is getting wet over there, my God. Don’t cream yourself just yet, Amped, as Star remembers she’s on a game show, and answers correctly what GTA game CJ is from. Okay, cream away Amped, as Cyrus answers what “Sully’s” first name is from U2, which is Victor. Man, this guy is so lame. TTB wins the game 8-7. This is up there with the great combacks in sports. The Boston Red Sox coming back from 3-0 in 2004. The Washington Capitals coming down from 3-1 last season to beat the New York Rangers. Yeah, I’m lying.

To make matters worse, the winners get to pie the losers. Amped got to cream in the end.

It is down to Big D, who had 2 points, and Star who had 1. One will be going home. I’m hoping it is Star. Big D said he was surprised how easy the questions were, but yet only scored 2 correct answers. The judges are a little perplexed, as am I. They give Star a pop quiz, including who is the star of FF8, what year the PS3 was released, and what one of the host’s job title is. She got the FF8 question correct. How don’t you know what year the PS3 was released? The judges say they can train Star to gain more knowledge, but just can’t do anything for Big D, so he’s gone. HOW THE HELL DON’T YOU KNOW WHEN THE PS3 CAME OUT?!?! It’s not the Intellivision, or the Atari Lynx. It is fucking Playstation 3. My god.

This oddly enough, this show was a little better than the previous four, but I’d still rather watch almost anything else that has ever been put on television.

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