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Steam Hits Macs on May 12

April 30, 2010

By Tom Price

The dates been set. According to Shacknews, on May 12 the Mac version of Steam will become available, giving Mac users the chance to get a part of the digtial distribution goodness that is Steam. Not to mention all the great sales that are offered on a regular basis.

So who would win in a fight? Justin Long or the Portal Turret?

The Mac has never been known for video games, but maybe the backing of a big name developer like Valve and a great publishing platform can change that perception. Valve has already said that many of it’s games, such as Counter Strike, Portal, the Left 4 Dead series and the Half-Life series, will all be available the first day. But it remains to be scene if the majority of PC games will make it to the Mac.

So tell us what you think. Will the Mac version of Steam be a hit? What games are you most excited about playing? What game do you want them to add most? Let us know in the comments.

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