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Flashback Friday: Power Stone 2

June 11, 2010

By Tom Price

Because of a certain announcement yesterday, I figured what could be a better Flashback than one of my favorite Dreamcast games. No not Soul Calibur. Not Phantasy Star Online. Not you either, Armada. This week we’re going to be talking about Power Stone 2.

Power Stone 2 one of those few games that officially fall into my category of “the good old days.” The majority of my after school activities during my time in middle school was spent rushing to my friend’s house to get as much game time in as possible. If you’re reading this, than odds are you played a bunch of games when you were younger. I would wager that a special few do you associate with many warm fuzzy memories and a lot of inside jokes. Power Stone 2 is one of those games for me.

Some of those colorful characters I was talking about

So for those that don’t know, Power Stone is a lot like Super Smash Brothers. We’re given a colorful cast of characters, a bunch of crazy over the top items to help destroy your buddies and unleash insane super moves every time you manage to gather three of the power stones. Fights take place on a variety of stages that change, have traps and will sometimes unfairly give you an advantage or disadvantage. Needless to say, it’s a ton of fun.

On top of the fighting, there is cooking. Yes, cooking. You can basically use items you collect to use in recipes to make new items. For example, throwing some adhesive spray and gold in a pot would create a trumpet, a weapon that would make someone dance in place when they’re hit with it. This would probably piss me off if I went back to play today. I hated unlocking all the characters in Smash Brothers and Street Fighter 4. I can only imagine what unlocking weapons would do to me. However, back when all I had was time, this was a very cool way to get some more life out of the game (as if it needed any help).

One of my favorite levels. After the plane falls apart, you need to try and grab an umbrella while falling from the sky before you hit the ground. Two umbrellas, four characters, good luck.

So I’ve told you how addicted me and my friends were to this game, but is there a funny anecdote I can tell you about that would demonstrate just how addicted we were. It just turns out I do. One day my good buddy Sam broke his arm, the kind of break that would normally mean an end to your game playing for a month or two. Sam wouldn’t just accept that, so after several different attempts and plans, top men in our labs figured out how he could still play with a busted arm, which is how my buddy Sam ended up playing with one hand and one foot. Yes, he played with his feet. And not only that, he won a lot of games this way. And we weren’t scrubs either (I’m not sure if I mentioned it but we played a lot of Power Stone).

I’m not sure if playing games with your feet is a common thing, but… what am I saying, of course it’s not. But if you have a similar story of how you or a friend overcame the odds, persevered, and managed to play some games despite their short comings, than please, put them in the comments. Or if you just want to relay your love of Power Stone 2 that would be ok also. That’s it for this week’s Flashback, check bay every Friday for more adventures into the big book of video game history.

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