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Wasting My Summer: Dragon Blade Edition

June 28, 2010

So far, I’ve played a cooking game, a fashion game, a couple shooters, a bowling game and now we have an action game. For this week we have Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire. My last game ended up actually not being that bad, bringing a small ray of, well I wouldn’t say bright, but definitely light into this dark, dark world I’ve created for myself. Can Dragon Blade keep the record going? Is it possible for me to pick two random games in a row that don’t make me want to just stop everything I’m doing and go to bed despite that it’s only 3 0’clock? Well in this case the answer is a definite “NO.”

The story of Dragons Blade goes like this: People are constantly fighting, a good dragon comes and teaches them peace, some evil dragons come, turn people against the good dragon, good dragon is murdered (but not his spirit), and evil reigns over the land. That’s the opening cut-scene, which is far longer and more in-depth then it has any right to be. Also, there are a lot of named characters in the opening video, but all of them have names with a minimum of five syllables, and I’m not willing to go back and re-watch it. The game actually starts with the main character, Dal (the only character with a name you can easily pronounce), discovering the hilt of a sword containing a piece of the spirit of the good dragon. AND THE ADVENTURE BEGINS!

It probably would have been easier to understand what was happening if the game let you know who was speaking during the cut-scenes at the beginning and end of levels. There isn’t any voice acting, just text. In most games this wouldn’t be an issue, because in most games it would say something like “Dal: ….” then continue with what Dal said. In Dragon Blade, however, that isn’t there. All it took was for a conversation with three people to keep me guessing on who was saying what.  It didn’t help that disembodied narrator is  a chatty Kathy the whole time, and that none of the characters move their mouths.

The game is essentially a Wii version of God of War. Swinging the remote up does an upward slash, down does a downward slash and left and right…. well you get the idea. Unlike something like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, fighting in the game requires larger, more deliberate motions. Simply shaking you’re hand as fast as possible won’t produce a bunch of attacks in the same way it does with Zelda. Unfortunately that doesn’t really chance much. Instead of actually treating the Wii-remote like a sword, I just found myself swinging my whole arm at random, not just my hand. I can see what the developer was trying to do, but honestly this became more of an annoyance than anything else.

Dragon Blade had some good intentions and I give them an A for effort but this game just isn’t fun, well maybe a B for effort (After all, I don’t really know how hard they tried). But that’s that, I’m done with this game, the only questions left is what should me next game be? PBR: Out the ChuteFood Network: Cook or be Cooked, or Ju-On The Grudge: The Haunted House Simulator? Be sure to vote on which you want.

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