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Memberships Coming to Call of Duty?

July 19, 2010

In a story from VG247, a video was found on YouTube potentially hinting at a subscription system coming down from Activision for Call of Duty.

The video shows someone trying to join a session with a friend, and a purchase screen pops up. Obviously this is still a rumor, but with the way things have been going with subscriptions and fees to play online , it wouldn’t be unbelievable.

Activision knows that people will pay whatever they charge in order to keep playing Call of Duty online with friends.

“I would have Call of Duty be an online subscription service tomorrow,” said Bobby┬áKotick, head of Activision. “When you think about what the audience’s interests are and how you could really satisfy bigger audiences with more inspired, creative opportunities, I would love to see us have an online Call of Duty world. I think our players would just have so much of a more compelling experience.”

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