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Matt Calamia, Editor/Co-Founder/Game Junkie

Matt graduated from Stony Brook’s School of Journalism last December and currently writes for Patch, MSG Varsity and has his own sports blog. Playing and collecting video games is a big part of Matt’s life, especially between semesters. When he’s not playing games, he’s watching hockey, Dexter, and eating half-off appz at Applebees.

Favorite Genres: Shooters, Sports, Action, RPGs.

Currently Playing: 

Follow me on Twitter @matt_calamia

XBL Gamertag: Apocalypes

PSN Name: i gaveusyph

Bobby Holt, Editor/Graphic Designer/Co-Founder/FPS Guru

Bobby just recently graduated from Stony Brook’s School of Journalism this Spring.  He enjoys all things that blow up and make him laugh,  preferably at the same time.  When he’s not pwning newbs online at Halo, Call of Duty or other various shooters, he likes to read, watch sports and engage in various debates on illogical topics.

Favorite Genres: Shooters (1st Person and 3rd), Sports, Non-turned based RPGs (unless it’s Paper Mario),  Adventure/Open world.

Currently Playing: Halo: Reach, LA Noire and Starcraft II

Follow me on Twitter @bobbyholt.

Want to play some games together?

Add me on XBL: Billy Mays 88

Add me on PSN: BillyMays88

Tom Price, Editor/WoW Addict

Tom also graduated from Stony Brook’s SoJ this Spring. Rather then trying to quit his WOW addiction, hes trying to find a way to live with it.  Other than that any genre is up for grabs.  Shooters, RTS, Action, Fighting, dabbling in everything but mastering nothing.  When hes not playing games odds are hes playing WOW, and when hes not doing that hes probably out with friends someplace.

Favorite Genres: MMORPG, Shooters, Strategy

Currently Playing: Dragon Age Origins, Civilization IV…… and World of Warcraft

Xbox Live Tag: John Doe17

PSN Name: TP_

Joe Arico, Contributor/Apple Expert

Joe is also a senior and journalism major at Stony Brook University. He enjoys all three consoles but he’ll admit he’s partial to his Xbox 360, red lights be damned. He’s also an Apple enthusiast and will sell off family heirlooms to buy their newest products. Outside of technology, all he really cares about is the Yankees.

Favorite Genres: Shooters, Sports, Platformers

Follow me on Twiiter @JoeArico

Xbox Live Gamertag: Ricbags24

Eric Smith, Contributor

Eric is a Junior at Rutgers University. He plans on graduating in 2012 with a degree in journalism. Eric is also vigorously studying and practicing art; It has been his true passion since he was younger. To prove a sense of worth to you, Eric is also an avid New York Yankees and New York Jets fan.

Favorite Genres: hack-and-slash, FPS and Action RPG

XBOX Live Gamertag: WhiteFluffyClou (terrible, sorry)

PSN: Emoney08.

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